It has been a difficult time to blog, maybe I just needed this brake……..or I need more time. Whatever it is …..bear with me……I’ll be back. Today was the doctor visit to get a shot of cortison in my bad knee so I can start walking again. After the visit I decided to go to a trail close to the doctors building, to take some pictures and check it out for future walks. I have signed up for dog care business!! We have something called dogvacay people can find their dog sitter while away thru daytime or over the night. And of course……if you invite a dog to your home you need to take the necessary walks too. I’m home during weekends anyway, so why not get Bella a playmate/date and have some fun. Some updates on the subject might be here pretty soon I think 🙂 trail-04391 On this trail it is common to bring your horse too and it is nice to see that they don’t only provide water but also somewhere to keep your horse while taking a brake. trail-04400