Villa K9

I have been busy lately…….if you wonder why I haven’t posted anything. To say that the house have been crowded is an understatement. But oh so happy we are……these dogs put a smile on your face. You will find me and Bella under

Big Sur-05058

After our first guest Baylee, came Big Sur…….and he had a very fitting name, he was HUGE. And he really listen so good when I called him out………SIR 🙂  Bella was the ham hanging there in front of the camera as usual.

Big Sur-05060

Everybody commented on his paws, they where massiv. But what a great personality, so gentle even that it felt like hurricane went thru the house when he wanted to play with Bella.

Big Sur-05064

Bella HAD to eat his food……..

Big Sur-05065

And of course……he liked Bellas food better….go figure 🙂

Charlie Brown-05080

as soon as big Sur went home this big bear named Charlie Brown moved in…….he is 10 year old but act like a little puppy.

Charlie Brown-05076

Love your nose Charlie 🙂 but the panting……geeeee,  that’s LOUD!

Charlie Brown-05082

I decided to try to make a portrait here in front of my window, where the light is good, of every dog that visit, I missed out on Big Sur and Baylee but they will be back so I’ll catch them next time.

Charlie Brown-05099

It’s a hard life to live like you are 3 when you’re 10, lucky we have nice cold floors to chill on after running around in the summer heat.

Charlie Brown-5614

Watching the gate is a busy job, and everybody that pass will be greeted with a bark.


Lola…..a tiny little German Shephard that was so scared the first hours, she was jumping in to the cage while I was trying to get the bed in there. We left it like that and after a couple of hours she came out for a pee…….

bella, charlie, Lola-05105

and she could not resist the smelling game….


Yeeeeeaaaa……we got your portrait little Lola. And Rita found the song with your name….. Lola at Cobacabana or something like that…..we liked to sing and dance for you.

bella, charlie, Lola-05106

Is that a bear in our garden?

bella, charlie, Lola-05107

Charlie……I think your name should be Big Bear!!


Our neighbors dog Boo hanged here watching the other dogs play………… I’ll invite you next time poor Boo!


It always hit me with surprise…….92F/33C……on a Monday afternoon in beginning of June.

AC is on. I don’t want to be outside. I think I need to blow some heat over to Sweden. The Evening news told us that because of the rainy May, the mushrooms are already up. All they need now is some warm weather.

2015-06-08 14.48.08

And then we have Bella. Acting up like a baby. What to do?  When she see my camera, this is what happens. Until I bribe her with a treat. Then I might get her to open the eyes.

Sony a7 with lens Optima 85mm f1.8  settings: 1/60 sec, ISO1250, f1.8

bella 85mm-04299

Bella practice her Swedish/Bella praktiserar sin svenska

Bella is so good with the camera now…..sitting still as soon as I have it in my hand. But she really need to practice her Swedish a bit more, there are times I have to say it in english for her to understand. But I think it is quite amazing that she is able to understand both English and Swedish commands and small talk without getting too confused.

Test to blog from iPad

My sister have problem to blog with iPad, out of pure curiosity I have to try and see why it is so hard. This first sentence was easy

snow (5 of 6)

No problem so far, maybe another picture…….


Sorry Magggan, I can’t see what the problem is, everything works very smooth. Even to take a picture of Bella with the iPad worked, different styles and size works tooimageThere’s only one thing I can’t figure out and that’s the first text I wrote with a heading, I can’t figure out how to change it. And how do I highlight a word to make a link?

All done!

My room is coming together and Sashas is almost done. Bella hates my camera this week, she is NOT happy when I ask her to pose for me and refuse to look at the camera, maybe her bed is a bit too far away from me……oh well……tomorrow might be a better day 🙂

nya golv nya golv-3 nya golv-5 nya golv-2

Confused Bella

Some days doesn’t work out as good as others. Today was one of those. Rita called me on her way home, something was wrong with her car, all lamps where on and the radio kept dying. Sure enough, about 10 minutes from home, right when she turned off the freeway, the car died. We are covered by AAA, but it is in my name so I have to be there in person to show the membership and ID to the towing guy.

Bella have to stay in the garage when I am gone.  She has been a bit mischievous lately, because of pseudopregnancy and wants to nest in my bed when I leave her. We have had some pee issues before when she has been hormonal, I don’t take that risk 🙂 I closed the door to the house and jumped in the car…….

What I didn’t remember was to close the garage door……..

While Rita and I waited for the towing truck, Sasha came home to this scen, took the picture and sent it to me. Bella was standing there staring, not at Sasha though haha……… wondering what was going on and where I went. Lucky enough she didn’t leave the house. Good job Bella!!!!

IMG bella outside