Elijahs memorial

Yesterday was one of my toughest days ever.
The memorial for Elijah Ward, who was Sashas boyfriend, was at Aliso Beach at sunset.

Elijahs mom Stacie asked me if I could take the pictures and of course I would, it was an honor for me, and also a way to celebrate Elijah who was an aspiring photographer himself. He and I often talked about photography and Sasha used to complain that I kept her boyfriend away from her 🙂
I took pictures, wiped my tears,  wiped the fog off the camera, wiped more tears and kept taking pictures, collecting memories for Elijahs family.

I am especially grateful that we had such a beautiful sunset, Elijahs favorite time of the day was sunset and he took a lot of those beautiful sunflare pictures, I want to honor him and his moms Stacie and Megan with a sunset picture that remind us of him.
You can see his work at instagram  @elijah_ward.
Rest in peace Elijah, you where taken far too soon.

memorial elijah -5056-memorial elijah -5049

memorial elijah -5092

5 thoughts on “Elijahs memorial

  1. Jag har inte tidigare förstått vem du har pratat om. Nu vet jag bättre och beklagar verkligen förlusten.
    Mina varmaste tankar går till Er!



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