Glutenfree baking…..good morning!

Today I felt I was done with omeletts and scrambled eggs that have been my goto breakfast for a while now, so I baked some bread.

Very easy and fast, maybe you want to try

LCHF Ostfralla till två personer

2 ägg/ 2 egg
3 msk pofiber/ 3 tbs of…..can’t find it in US, use any gluten free flour instead, maybe corn starch would work.
1 msk fiberhusk/1 tbs psyllium husk
1 msk mandelmjöl/1 tbs almond flour
1 tsk bakpulver/ 1tsp baking powder
2dl riven ost/ 1 cup grated cheese

Gör så här/ Do this

Rör ihop samtliga ingredienser (men spara ca. 1/4 cup ost till garnering) och låt sedan vila i 5 min Bred därefter ut på ett bakplåtspapper och toppa med riven ost, ställ in i ugn på 200grader i 10min.

Tag ut dina ostfrallor och låt svalna i tio minuter innan du delar dem och fyller med dina favorit pålägg.

Stir together all ingredients (but save about 0.75 dl cheese for garnish) and then let rest for 5 min. Place on a baking sheet and top with grated cheese, put in the oven at 400F in 10min.

Take out your ”ostfrallor” and let cool for ten minutes before you cut them and fill with your favorite toppings.

And tadaaaa, we have a breakfast!! A cup of coffee and some veggies on top, you are all set, I will now grab the computer and give some people something to read while they eat their breakfast!lchf bread-04312

lchf bread-04314 lchf bread-04317

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