She did it!


Look at that! Practice make perfect, right!? She needed them to be a bit bigger so we went out on a hunt….found them and she did this in no time…….now drying for next step.

ritas painting-04208


Mission accomplished!! Taaadaaaa!

There was an artist living in her and it was time for the painter to come out 🙂

ritas painting-04239

6 thoughts on “She did it!

    • Thank you Diana, I am so proud of her 🙂 I have always done all these arty stuff but Rita didn’t think she could. But after running shop in and shop out to try to find something to hang there she gave in to my thought of at least try. I’m glad she did!
      PS Thanks for showing off my blog to your readers……right now I am in a ”I’m not in the mood to write anything on the blog” but I have had the blog for so many years that I know I’ll be back……until then ……it will be just a few pictures and even fewer words until creativity hits me again 🙂



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