Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm in my heart tralalalala…..the most beautiful city……..if only the sun could shine. But…..look how ‘yellow’ the town is…..why…… to cover lack of the sun?!

stockholm-04180 stockholm-04179 stockholm-04177 stockholm-04173 stockholm-04172 stockholm-04169 stockholm-04168 stockholm-04166 stockholm-04165 stockholm-04164 stockholm-04162 stockholm-04160 stockholm-04159 stockholm-04157

Finally Osa and I could catch up again, in the Old Town of Stockholm! We met five years ago on a flight Stockholm – Chicago …… Osa sent postcards when she was in Sweden and I blogged and sometimes sent an email to her. This time we managed to pinpoint the time, we were both in Stockholm at the same time. Yesterday we met again and managed to talk away 3 hours without a problem 🙂 It was soooooo nice to meet you again Osa …… see you in Utah Osa, when the flowers are blooming 🙂

7 thoughts on “Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Snygga bilder! Förra året var jag där också … och tog bilder av gränderna i Gamla Stan! Nu dröjer det nog ett tag till nästa sverigeresa.



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