My room will be the first to be upgraded out of 3 bedrooms. First the paint. No problem, both she and Dion have done that before. From beginning we thought we had to hire for the tiles but Rita is very handy so I suggested she do it herself…..after a bit of surfing on Youtube and realize how much money she could save, she decided to go for it.

paint (2 of 3)

First the paint


paint (1 of 3)

Bella was not happy, she was brave enough to try to mute her spot even that there was paint and tools everywhere.


book and blog (4 of 14)

It didn’t help, carpet out….tile in. It will be so nice to have a floor you can clean. I hope my allergies will be better too.

book and blog (13 of 14)

Dion was a great helper……I don’t know the reason for the glasses…..do we need a reason?


paint (3 of 3)

He is a good helper in the kitchen too……the girl who catch him won the lottery 🙂

nytt golv-01860

Measure, measure to be sure it will work

nytt golv-01862

And now after a couple of hours…..she is a pro….I knew she could do it……you go Rita! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Upgrading

  1. Ja hon är ju fantastisk Rita. målare, golvläggare, snickare, elektriker ….ja listan verkar kunna bli lång 🙂 Och du är som mamma ….arbetsledare 😀
    Tur det finns hjälpredor till hands. Dion måste vara tjejernas drömkille 🙂 Lycklig den som fångar honom.



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