Thursday fun

After cleaning the house, which is my first FUN thing to do on Thursdays, I played around with my camera, which is the best of FUN things to do, I can entertain myself for a full day without a dull moment if I have a camera in my hands. For the moment I am very much in to macro. And to get a sharp picture of a moving bird in his cage, with a DOF (depth of field) of 1/4-1/2 inch, that is not easy, but I nailed one!….. and I was so surprised to see how much it looks like an elephant eye…..not the eye but the skin around it. And the eyelid…..the only thing missing is lashes but I suppose birds doesn’t come with eyelashes.

thursdayfun (3 of 4)

My second favorite FUN is of course my computer. I’m in to green smoothies as you know, and the internet is the best source when you need some inspiration. It is very difficult for me to follow directions, I need to explore most things myself and with recipes………I usually manage 2 maybe 3 lines but after that I start to change things up. Today I surprised myself by following this one almost to the end, I forgot the coconut oil and I added a persian cucumber and some chia seeds on the top. But that was it. Yum, you need to try it……..with or without the cucumber and chia seeds 🙂

2 cups spinach
1 lemon
1 orange
1 inch ginger
1/2 banana
1 tbs coconut oil

thursdayfun (4 of 4) thursdayfun (5 of 1)

2 thoughts on “Thursday fun

  1. Doesn’t look like the birds have eye lashes but my dog Maja has some lashes most people would be jealous of. Il text you a picture.
    Nice bird picture love how you always find new things to do with your camera.

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