Eating healthy

Since I started my ”clean-living-life” I have a bit more to do in the kitchen for dinner, but mostly it is simple, I do a lot more veggies and eat those. But spaghetti and Meat Sauce is not one of those dinners I eat anymore, kids love it though and Sasha told me that she knew I loved her if I made her favorite dish yesterday. Who can say no  to that? They for sure know how to handle grandma 🙂 And I think it was me who taught her……..I used to say…..Sasha…..your chances to get what you want is so much bigger if you ask nicely instead of being pout and whining. She must have listen to every word I said, today all you hear is her loving and happy voice asking you for the favor with a smile on her face!! Of course she will get the meat sauce!


And never ever again will I use any omega 6 oils to fry my food, coconut oil is ”da shit” my friends, the healthy choice. a bit fish from yesterday, warmed up by the veggies, will be great with this. Dinner done in no time! By the way……I just learned that if I put the spaghetti in a fry pan with cold water just to cover it and cook it like that, the spaghetti doesn’t stick to each other when boiled…..and it is FASTER! I never enjoyed to make spaghetti because it took forever for the water to boil. It’s a different story now!


6 thoughts on “Eating healthy

  1. Inte för att jag förstår allt (har ingen översättning just nu) men det ser väldigt gott ut det du har i pannorna 🙂 Tror nog du har skämt bort dina barnbarn lite grann……men visst vill man väl göra det….särskilt nu när de blivit vuxna 🙂 En dag är det dags för dem att skämma bort dig!



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