Confused Bella

Some days doesn’t work out as good as others. Today was one of those. Rita called me on her way home, something was wrong with her car, all lamps where on and the radio kept dying. Sure enough, about 10 minutes from home, right when she turned off the freeway, the car died. We are covered by AAA, but it is in my name so I have to be there in person to show the membership and ID to the towing guy.

Bella have to stay in the garage when I am gone.  She has been a bit mischievous lately, because of pseudopregnancy and wants to nest in my bed when I leave her. We have had some pee issues before when she has been hormonal, I don’t take that risk 🙂 I closed the door to the house and jumped in the car…….

What I didn’t remember was to close the garage door……..

While Rita and I waited for the towing truck, Sasha came home to this scen, took the picture and sent it to me. Bella was standing there staring, not at Sasha though haha……… wondering what was going on and where I went. Lucky enough she didn’t leave the house. Good job Bella!!!!

IMG bella outside

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