Smoothies combined with 5:2 diet

I think I have to talk a bit about my smoothies and how they work. Some of my readers have asked me about the smoothies…….the most common question is……do you loose weight?

And I have to answer: of course you loose weight…….if you stick to the smoothies and doesn’t cheat!! I mean, how can you gain weight on 500kcal/day?

But…….and this is a big but…….you have to stick to the smoothies, no cheating, no sweets, no cookies, no pizza, no crackers and no alcohol! The hardest part……so I came up with a great solution 🙂

Why don’t we mix the 5:2 diet with the smoothies!! Eat whatever you want 5 days a week and on your diet days you drink up to 4 smoothies per day. That way we get all the good stuff from the smoothies and we can keep cheating the other days.

And if you are SMART…….you START every day with a smoothie. This is a very basic recipe, but there are tons of ways you can mix it up, add and take away. Use kale instead of spinach, dates instead of bananas, avocados, coconut milk and don’t forget parsley, cilantro, ginger, tomatoes, chia seeds, flax seeds, carrots, the list is endless, use what you enjoy and have in the fridge.

Here are some handy tips: buy a big bag of spinach or other greens, which ever have the best price tag and freeze it. I buy big bags of frozen mixed fruit, they come in handy when you don’t have fresh fruit. When the bananas are to ripened to eat, freeze them to have when the fresh ones are gone, but make sure to peel them first 🙂 I actually do the same with all fruit that has ripened, I just add to the bag with frozen fruit I already have in the freezer.

Happy smoothieng……and don’t forget to tell me when you start!

smoothe recipe basic

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