Romy found a gayfriend

We thought it could be a girlfriend…….but we might got it all wrong…….Romy might be a girl…. or gay……anyway… was a friend.

Coco came visiting, first they just turned the back to each other. But after a few minutes of warm up……Coco decided that Romys tail was irresistible and tried to bite it. Romy fled….what else could he do. The last picture is when they kind of made up their mind to not fight…….just sit and be cool……what if humans could do the same….what a wonderful world!!!

birdies-1 birdies-2 birdies-3 birdies-4 birdies-5 birdies-6 birdies-7 birdies-8

3 thoughts on “Romy found a gayfriend


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