Wonder where I suddenly took off? Nah, I was here the whole time but the sun is shining so bright, I didn’t want to blog, I liked to spend the time in the garden with the camera instead. So I did and guess what I found…….

My avocados are ready to pick, I write the date on them to remember how long it took for it to ripe in the fruit basket. This was the biggest one I could find, 14oz or 373 gram if you prefer the metric system like I do. It is amazing how they don’t ripe until you pick them off the tree.  I would love to have so many that I knew the answer to how long they can sit on the tree before you have to pick them. But I don’t get that amount of fruits, this year I think it is around 20 avocados. Probably wont last more then a couple of month, better then none 🙂

The greens comes in handy for my smoothies, next fall I will put in more of them, I have picked and picked since October and they still give me a good amount every week.


I also found these guys eating one of my plants that will attract butterflies. Does anyone know their name? I have seen the ones that love tomato plants but they are just green…..these looks like wasps. Fantastic colors, but do I really want them on my plants…….no, unless they turn in to beautiful butterflies. But I doubt they will.

leafe eaters-1 leafe eaters-2

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