TBT Christmas cards

Every year I do the Christmas Card for Ritas boss Dr Max Swancutt. It is kind of a big deal, they send it out to all their clients……….the first years it was the usual Christmas Card where you put the staff with their boss in a kind of nice environment with some flowers or a fountain……nice but …….booooring.


I kept asking part of the staff (CeCe and Rita) to do something funny that really made the clients remember the Christmas Card and not toss it in the bin right away.

So….here is the very first one 2012………by Dr Max pool table. A bit different but not much……the smaller picture was a bit wilder……… a little tease I would say.


Rita made spill-proof drinks to handle around the table

drink rita-30

Clients loved the Card so 2013 we went a little bit more wild and brave………we agreed to a fishing experience at New Port Beach. Lucky enough we found a yellow boat in the sand, ……sitting there waiting for us to embark and have fun. This time we agreed that the fun one had to be the big one.


This is CeCe, she is the one that make everybody look good in the picture, I don’t know what I would do without her……she is an inspiration and a rock, she makes sure that the pictures turns out great by acting out and having fun…..look at her……mustache and flour all over the face. Everybody gets carried away and dare to have fun when CeCe is around 🙂


2014 Christmas Card. We used Ritas kitchen for the pizza theme. This year was a hit according to Rita and CeCe…..everybody is now waiting for 2015. That is how a Christmas Card should affect people…..specially if it is a dentist 🙂

Costco template Dr Swancutt 2014


9 thoughts on “TBT Christmas cards

  1. Hej Anita,
    Ja första bilden är verkligen begravning måste hålla med om det. Sorry.
    Övriga bilder får guldstjärna. Nästa år kan tjejerna laga julmat eller klä granen.
    Trevlig Helg.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jaa, jag hade tänkt skriva att om det inte var för leendena så skulle man kunna tro att dom var på begravning 🙂 Vi får se vad dom hittar på för tema till nästa år, dom har säkert redan börjat bolla förslag till varandra.



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