Chickens and Changes

This blog turns 10 years soon and I have always blogged in Swedish for my family and friends. It is time  for a change. 99% of my readers speak and understand English, shall we give it a try. You can always leave a comment, in Swedish if you prefer.

We like chickens in our family, so today I made a crockpot chicken. It is the easiest meal ever, just throw in some onions and veggies at the bottom, spice up the chicken with some rub you like….. put it on top of the veggies……put the crockpot on low for 5-6 hours, go and do some errands and voila, there is your dinner ready to serve!


Then we have another ”chicken” in our house hold, the African Grey.  Romy is his name. He’s his mama Ritas baby as you can see. Don’t get too close without his permission……his beak is dangerous and he use it if he’s in a bad mood or have no interest in chatting with you. Bella, our sweet Doberman girl is scared to death for him…..or more precise, his beak. He used it on her legs a couple of times and let’s say that she find it hard to forgive him…..or forget!

And don’t get sucked in by his innocent look, Rita is his one and only love. We can all feed him though, he loves food and one of his favorites is actually chicken, his cousin. But we don’t tell him that, it could hurt his feelings….. We tell him it’s beef.


But sometimes he invites me to play… tonight.


Come on…..I want to play hide and seek….


Romy: Can you find me? Me: Yes, I can see you


Romy: Can you see me now? Me: Yes Romy, I can see your red feathers!


Romy: hahaha, you can’t see me, you know my feathers are red, that’s cheating!! Me: Ok Romy…..I can’t see you, happy now?

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